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Mobile Adventure Gear! (featuring its easy 10 minute set-up and pack-down)

Are you a kayaker, and don't have storage space? Do you want to do some exotic kayak destination trips and wonder how to do that? Well, we have a solution! TRAK's T-1600 performance folding kayak is one of a kind. If you think you need to compromise performance to get your kayak to unique paddling locations, think again. TRAK’s rigid, adaptable hull gives optimal performance in various paddling conditions and for diverse skill levels (beginner to expert). And it only takes 10 minutes to set-up and pack down into its rolling, travel golf bag! How is this all possible? Experience it yourself…

TRAK T-1600 ST - known as the "Go-To", "Do Anything" Kayak 
- for the mobile Touring Paddler, giving you True Portability, Performance and Play
  • Multi-day Touring / Expeditions
  • Up to 14 days of storage / trip-capable
  • Dial in the hull shape to adapt to paddling conditions, including rough water
  • Store Away, Paddle & Travel
  • Set-up and take down in 10 minutes
  • Retail Price $3,399 (this rare promotion...your price = $2,999)

At checkout, use coupon code 'CANADA' for orders from Canada, and 'USA' for orders from the United States!


Information about TRAK:

  • Learn about the TRAK story, the kayak and the design & engineering technology 
  • Watch The TRAK Files series and other videos on TRAK TV
  • Find a dealer near you, and visit them or call them
  • Contact us ANYTIME so we can address your questions, and make sure this kayak will suit your unique needs
  • We are a small Canadian company with a big commitment to our customers, growing the global TRAK community one happy customer at a time! For your assurance, we offer a complete 5-year, tip to tip warranty. We stand behind our product and you as our customer....just ask the others!


Other Information & Ordering Details


How do I find my local dealer?

You can find a local TRAK dealer on our dealer locator, or email, or you can call 1 888 35 KAYAK (355 2925).

How do orders in North America work?

Customers from North America (Canada or the United States) that place orders through our online store can expect the most efficient method of fulfillment. Once we receive your order, we check a dealer nearby for stock availability before shipping from our TRAK HQ near Calgary, Canada. Either way, you can either choose direct delivery to you or you can choose local pickup (and training session) at the nearby dealer. Once your order is received, we will contact you to discuss your preferences. 

What is included in the price?

The retail price includes: the TRAK T-1600 kayak, the wheeled travel pack, 2 gear/floatation bags, 2 frame bags, a TPS Jack carry case, our custom aquatherm spray skirt, a set-up DVD and guide, and the 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. The sea sock (for added safety) can be purchased separately (under Accessories). Paddle and PFD / life jacket not included.


Who is our shipping partner?


What are the shipping charges?

Shipping – USA

For the T-1600 kayaks, we offer free shipping in the USA on FedEx Air Economy. The delivery time is approximately 2-4 business days. If ordering only accessories, there is a shipping and handling charge for those items.

Shipping – Canada

For the T-1600 kayaks, we offer free shipping in Canada via FedEx Ground Economy. The delivery time is approximately 3-6 business days. If ordering only accessories, there is a shipping and handling charge for those items.

Why do we require a tax identification or social security number to ship into the United States?

It is a way for US customs to know about items that are more than $2,000 in value entering the country. It is required by them.